B.R.A. BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP ALLIANCE | brand + website design

Carrie Murray is the founder of the B.R.A. Network - Business Relationship Alliance. Her goal is to connect like-minded women entrepreneurs to support each other. I love working with women entrepreneurs, and I was so excited to connect with Carrie's vision and goals. This was such a fun opportunity to work on a brand that was feminine, modern and just fun! Normally when you think of a bra, you'd never think to connect it with a business support or networking group. Carrie made this work so well, and was a genius with her creative ideas surrounding the bra concept as a 'support' symbol for women. Check out the project here:

Feminine and Modern Logo Design by Dapper Fox


I created a simpler color palette to keep things very clean, modern, and sophisticated. We started with a black and creamy white, complimented by a gold texture as well as a punch of feminine color with the pink/fuchsia. I included some typographical images to display my intention of clean, classic fonts trending in the direction of bold serifs. I also wanted to make sure we imparted a feeling of femininity since Carrie's ideal client is female, age 18-60. We wanted to make sure it wouldn't go overboard being lacy, overtly feminine or frilly. We examined the characteristics of Carrie's primary brand inspiration, Kate Spade, and made sure that we kept the brand feeling modern and trendsetting, yet inviting, classic and strong. 

Modern feminine #gold #pink #blackandwhite Logo Design and Branding Mood Board

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Carrie's main goal with her primary logo design was to have a logo that would be strong and bold, but also allude toward the shape or elements of a 'bra'. I love this play on words because it has such a great meaning behind it, but its also memorable and fun. With her primary logo design, I utilized the B.R.A. initials to create a memorable, type-based logo that can be used on its own, or along with the text to the left that says Business Relationship Alliance. This design alludes to the bra concept visually in two ways: the swash from the R that connects the letters and creates a kind of 'support' for all of them, and also the letter B is the shape of a bra on its side. This particular logo design is more of an abstract concept of support, so it gave us the option to go with more of a text based primary logo so we could bring in lots of visuals throughout the brand and sub mark.

Feminine Modern Logo and Branding Design Black and White, gold and Pink Brand Identity


We designed the BRA Network website on the Squarespace platform because Carrie wanted something that would be easy to update and maintain on her own. We set the website up so that finding the directory of women entrepreneurs would be as easy as possible. Separating the directory into separate categories was going to be critical to making the site easy to use. We ended up having quite a few categories (20+), so I implemented a dedicated directory page with custom buttons.

Each page within the directory has the women entrepreneurs in that category listed out with sub pages that are individual profiles. After our training/website walk-through at the end of our project, Carrie is now able to grow the Business Relationship Alliance directory as new members need to be added. I love being able to give businesses owners full control of their websites, and the confidence to update and maintain this vital part of their business! Make sure to check out Carrie's new site here.

Modern Feminine Squarespace Website Design in Park City Utah




Carrie Murray Testimonial for Website Design in Park City Utah

"Working with Ali at Dapper Fox Designs well exceeded my expectations. She was able to take my scattered ideas for a logo for my brand and make it a modern and creative reality. Even with me in California and her in Utah, it felt like we were in the same office space working in tandem.  

One of my favorite things while working with her was her approachable, professional and positive attitude, She always on point and she offered great ideas during the creative process. I wish I had more ideas for businesses so I could work with her again!"

TEAM EMPOWER HOUR | brand + website design

Shannon Bahrke is a two-time Olympic medalist, and an avid entrepreneur in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. She is constantly finding new outlets to spread her creative energy. When she approached me about a new concept for a corporate team building company, Team Empower Hour, I was stoked to be a part of the startup process. Shannon wanted to create a company that could align her Olympic values and help companies with team building and movement exercises. Now that we're finished with her logo, branding and website design, I'm so excited to watch Shannon grow her new company!

Team Empower Hour in Utah Logo Design by Dapper Fox | Modern, fun logo design for corporate team building


Our first step toward creating a memorable and on-point brand for Team Empower Hour was the mood board and color palette. Shannon's background as a silver medalist Olympian was something she wanted to incorporate in her Team Empower Hour brand. So we made sure to include the classic red, white and blue color scheme, but tweaked the colors ever so slightly to make it her own. We kept things very simple, with concepts of unity, bursts of energy and clean lines. 

Team Empower Hour in Utah Mood Board and Brand Design by Dapper Fox | Modern, fun logo design for corporate team building #redwhiteandblue #modernlogo

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With the Team Empower Hour logo, Shannon wanted it to be bright, full of excitement and have a "pow" factor. She loves having the star concept, as a former Olympian, so we wanted to make sure we incorporated that into her primary logo design. Since the stars and star burst in the center of the logo is busier, we kept the font to a more simple, sans serif option to avoid the two elements competing. For the rest of Shannon's branding, she needed feather flags with Olympic values for outdoor events, as well as a giant flag that she could display. I love the way these flags turned out in the photos!

Team Empower Hour Brand Board and Logo Design by Dapper Fox | Modern Logo Design and Branding


Shannon's primary goal of her new website was to inform her audience, with the option of adding a blog later down the road. We decided that the Squarespace website platform was going to be the best fit for what she needed, so we dived in to create a site that was clear, clean and fun. Shannon had professional photos taken, so we were able to add fun splashes of color and excitement around the website using these beautiful pictures. I always like to remind small businesses and startups that photos are the #1 thing to help make your website look more professional (check out this blog post for more). Shannon loved the way this site turned out, and I'm so excited to watch her new business grow!

Squarespace Website Designer Utah - Modern web design for Team Empower Hour in Salt Lake




Shannon Bahrke Website

“There are few things in life that consistently exceed my expectation time and time again, but the quality and consistency of work Ali does each and every time!!  There is something special about Ali and her ability to turn a few words and ideas into something that is truly a work of art.

Not only is she extraordinarily talented but most importantly, she has helped me to reach my customers in a way that is professional and fun. Thank you for all that you have done for my company and will continue to do in the future, you truly are the BEST!!!”

RANDI BUCKLEY | brand + website design

Randi Buckley is a passionate coach who helps women find their truth. She has several signature offerings, from her Viking Woman Workshop, to the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People program. Randi has a knack for helping others in a soulful, authentic way with her self-study and one-on-on offerings. When she first approached me about a brand refresh, I immediately connected with the vibe and aesthetic that she embodies. This is one of my favorite projects that wrapped up the year, and I'm so excited to share it with you all!

Coach Logo Design and Branding - Modern Logo Design and Brand by Dapper Fox #viking #vikingsymbol #norse #forest #moodybrand #logo #logodesign #squarespace #squarespacewebsite #Design #modernlogo #sansseriffont


Randi had a few objectives on her list to accomplish with the rebrand. She wanted to create a brand that would combine her love of nature and mystique with a feeling of warmth, truth and kindness. I created the mood board and color palette to achieve these different attributes, with purple hues that appeal to her primary audience (women), and rich golds to add depth and warmth. I also chose to include some nordic symbols with the intention on using them as inspiration to create a logo with deeper meaning for Randi. I also love how this concept went along with one of her signature offerings, the Viking Woman Workshop (Randi is such an expert on this that she even consulted for the History Channel's hit show, Vikings!).

Coach Logo Design and Branding - Modern Logo Design and Brand Mood board by Dapper Fox #viking #vikingsymbol #norse #forest #moodybrand #logo #logodesign #squarespace #squarespacewebsite #Design #modernlogo #sansseriffont #moodboard

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Having lived in Norway, and as the assistant dean of 'Skogfjorden' (the Norwegian Language Village), Randi is heavily influenced by this special part of the world and its culture. Her Viking Woman Workshop includes much of the Norse symbology, so I knew I wanted to explore these symbols to serve as inspiration for her logo design. When I was brainstorming and drawing out ideas for the logo, I had one of those classic 'ah- hah!' moments when I realized that Randi's initials, RB, look exactly like the Viking symbol for peace (when the R is turned backwards). I'm so glad Randi chose this design, since it has such a powerful deeper meaning. Check it out:

Coach Logo Design and Branding - Modern Logo Design and Brand Mood board by Dapper Fox #viking #vikingsymbol #norse #forest #moodybrand #logo #logodesign #squarespace #squarespacewebsite #Design #modernlogo #sansseriffont #moodboard



Coaching Business Card Design Branding - Modern Logo Design and Brand Mood board by Dapper Fox #viking #vikingsymbol #norse #forest #moodybrand #logo #logodesign #squarespace #squarespacewebsite #Design #modernlogo #sansseriffont #moodboard #businesscard #businesscarddesign
Coaching Business Card Design Branding - Modern Logo Design and Brand Mood board by Dapper Fox #viking #vikingsymbol #norse #forest #moodybrand #logo #logodesign #squarespace #squarespacewebsite #Design #modernlogo #sansseriffont #moodboard #businesscard #businesscarddesign
Coaching Thank You Card Design Branding - Modern Logo Design and Brand Mood board by Dapper Fox #viking #vikingsymbol #norse #forest #moodybrand #logo #logodesign #squarespace #squarespacewebsite #Design #modernlogo #sansseriffont #moodboard #businesscard #thankyoucard
Thank You Card for Randi Buckley by Dapper Fox Design
Thank You Card and Business Card for Life Coach Randi Buckley by Dapper Fox Design


Squarespace Blog Design Post Templates by Dapper Fox
Modern Squarespace Blog Design Post Templates by Dapper Fox
Purple Squarespace Blog Design Post Templates by Dapper Fox


Facebook Banner Graphic Modern and Unique for Randi Buckley by Dapper Fox Design


Randi's old site was on the Wordpress platform, and she wanted something that was easier to manage, and less of a headache. We decided to go with Squarespace for her new website, and imported her old blog posts over. We created a unique site for Randi by utilizing rich graphics, textures and elements that makes it feel completely custom. I absolutely love the end result and the way everything came together to create a warm, inviting feeling with loads of character. Don't forget to check out Randi's brand new website, and her incredible coaching work too!

Squarespace Website Design - Coach Logo Design and Branding - Modern Logo Design and Brand Mood board by Dapper Fox #viking #vikingsymbol #norse #forest #moodybrand #logo #logodesign #squarespace #squarespacewebsite #Design #modernlogo #sansseriffont #moodboard





Randi Buckley Life Coach Squarespace Website Design

"Here's my bottom line: Working with Ali has been nothing short of a delight, a relief, and a revelation. Really.

After checking out some seriously talented designers, I knew Ali was the one.  In showing me her first ideas for the mood board, this knowing was validated in a "knocked-it-out-of-the-park" way.  That continued every step of the way from her design work, professionalism, and her very essence.  It is quite something for someone to "get" you and your work and articulate that through their design and craft- it's the very act of being seen for who you are. I feel Ali parlayed the breadth and body of my work in stunning ways that I would never have conceived on my own. I will always be grateful for the care she put into my website, the interpretation and integration of my ideas, thoughts, and the spaces where I had no idea what I wanted, I just knew what I liked.  

The immediate, and continued feedback, I hear about my site is that my designer "nailed it".  There are lots of "oohhs and ahhhs" and I am happy to report, a huge uptick in sales and inquiries.  I am happy to whole-heartedly recommend Ali for your project.  There was not one moment in this project that I did not feel she was attuned to and concerned about my needs as a client and the site as a whole. It has been a privilege to work with her and I cannot recommend it enough.  

And here's' probably the greatest testament to her artistry- the logo she created for me?  It will be my first tattoo."

- Randi Buckley