GDPR and How To Keep Your Website Legal

Have you heard about GDPR? It's a series of fun new regulations that everyone is dying to implement. Just kidding. It's not fun and is actually quite bit of a headache. 

But, unfortunately, it is a headache that can't be ignored. Even if you're not an EU citizen, this regulation still affects you if you collect cookies from your site, collect any kind of personal data (think contact forms, newsletter sign ups, etc) and more. It's crazy, and as busy entrepreneurs or business owners with an employee count under 5 or 10 (or even just 1, anyone?), all businesses that have the potential to process or collect data from any EU citizen need to make sure they're compliant.



The information provided in this guide is in no way meant to be legal advice and is for entertainment purposes only. Dapper Fox will not be held liable for any use, application or consequence as a result of using the information provided here. Please consult an attorney for any questions and to ensure your website has the correct legal notices, disclaimers, policies etc.


It’s a new legal framework from the EU that takes effect on May 25, 2018. The law aims to unify current data protection privacy laws throughout the EU, and enhance the rights of citizens of the EU to protect their personal information.


Even if you’re not in the EU, you still need to be in compliance. If anyone in the EU uses a contact form on your website, signs up for your newsletter, or even if you collect cookies for analyzing website traffic (which Squarespace sites inherently do), or collect personal data of any kind, then you need a GDPR compliant policy.

Ready to dive in and get started on compliance? 

DEVON DENNIS COACHING | branding + website design

I absolutely LOVE working with passionate business owners / entrepreneurs and Devon Dennis is no exception. She is a shining example of someone who truly cares for others and uses her work to help provoke growth and change. Devon is a transformational life coach offering hypnotherapy and spiritual methods to help her clients through major life transitions. When we first talked about what she was looking for in her new brand, Devon wanted something that would feel "exactly like her". Something that provided the warmth and inviting light that is inherent to her personality. While she didn't want it to feel too "woo-woo", she did want to make sure it had a spark and hint of magic to it. Devon's enthusiasm for what she does is contagious, and am so glad I was able to be a part of bringing the brand to life. 

Devon Dennis Handwritten Script Logo Design Red Gold Purple Magical Coaching Logo #handwritten #logo #handlettering #scriptfont #handwrittenlogo #logodesign #magicallogo #coachinglogo


Devon's coaching practice focuses on working with females, aged 18 - 35, to help them take on adversity and change with open arms. Working with a palette of jewel tones, we wanted the brand to feel authentic and connected, while also having a hint of real magic. Adding in a bit of gold texture for warmth and glow, the palette and mood board provided us with the first visual as a foundation for the rest of the brand. My goal with this mood board was to relay a sense of curiosity and inspiration, while really pulling in the target audience with colors and visuals that help connect Devon's deeper meaning and concepts to design.

Magical Mood Board and Color Palette #red #purple #gold #orange #feathers #handwrittenlogo #jeweltones

Photo Credits: Universe | Gold | Feather | SparklerCactus



With the logo design for Devon Dennis, she wanted to make sure she had a symbol for use throughout the brand. So we created a primary logo that consists of a hand-drawn script font and a matching handwritten sans serif font. For the sub mark logo design, we wanted something that would symbolize a main concept behind Devon's brand- transformation and metamorphosis. Devon loved the idea of a butterfly, but wanted to ensure it didn't come across as juvenile. So we utilized geometric line work to create a butterfly that is unique and worked beautifully with the rest of the visuals. For the custom textures portion of the brand package, I created a series of watercolor painted textures that we used throughout. I love the little personal touches that we infused throughout the brand to make it feel truly special and magical. 

Brand Design for Devon Dennis Handwritten Script Logo Design Red Gold Purple Magical Coaching Logo #handwritten #logo #handlettering #scriptfont #handwrittenlogo #logodesign #magicallogo #coachinglogo
Brand Collateral Business Card Design, Flyer, Magical Aesthetic 


Devon's website was created on the Squarespace platform, although at first glance it may not look like it! The site utilizes tons of custom CSS to help create a design that is perfectly tailored to Devon's aesthetic. On the home page, I created a video of the watercolor texture drying to help give dimension and visual interest to the home page. We illustrated Devon's idea of "coloring outside of your own lines" by bringing in the gold element border and creating delicate squiggles around it. I love the way the watercolor texture reinforces this main idea of Devon's brand! Make sure to check out the live site at!

Squarespace Website Design Magical Brand for Coaching Watercolor Textures Handwritten Script Font #websitedesign #modernwebsite #magicalwebsitedesign

Squarespace Website Design Magical Brand for Devon Dennis Coaching Watercolor Textures Handwritten Script Font #websitedesign #modernwebsite #magicalwebsitedesign

Devon Dennis Squarespace Website and Logo Brand Design for Magical Coaching, Celebrations, and Group Coaching


Devon Dennis Coach Profile

"If you're looking for a designer who is TRULY going to go above and beyond for your brand, then you've come to the right place! My project has exceeded my expectations in every way. Ali took the time to really get to know me and my business, and gained a deep understanding of my mission and values.

She had this incredible power to translate the words I shared with her into unique, eye-catching visuals that clearly communicate the heart and soul of my story. I was blown away by Ali's masterful creativity, careful attention to detail, accessibility, and professionalism. I cannot say enough good things about my experience! If you choose Dapper Fox Design, you won't be disappointed. I look forward to hiring Ali again in the future as the design needs for my business continue to expand."

- Devon Dennis, Minneapolis MN

MIRANDA WEBB COACHING | branding + website design

Miranda Webb is a business coach, writer, and speaker based in Kelowna, BC. She helps people get on course to achieve big goals in ways that entirely transforms their business approach, organization and strategy. When I talked to Miranda about her target audience and how she wanted her business to be perceived, she wanted to make sure it came across as professional yet imaginative and creative. We wanted to give it a gender-neutral feel without being overly feminine and include visual details that reflect her philosophies and business approach. So we set out to create a brand that would do just that...

Miranda Webb Life and Business Coaching Modern Earthy Arrow Logo and Brand Design


We started the project off with the mood board and color palette. Focusing on neutrals to create a very professional, yet earthy sense, we added a touch of gold texture to the palette to help give it a pop of warmth and excitement. Miranda is inspired by the eagle and its symbolism of courage and looking ahead. She also wanted to make sure we included arrow imagery as a possible direction in the logo or brand accents. I love this idea because arrows are a symbol that are often thought to represent courage as one moves forward. They are also a powerful sign of movement / direction, which is exactly what Miranda offers to her business clients.

Mood Board and Color Palette Gold Navy Grey Miranda Webb Life and Business Coaching Modern Earthy Arrow Logo and Brand Design

Photo Credits: You Got This | Eagle | Barn | Arrows | PlantFeathers



The Miranda Webb brand consists of three logo designs, with the primary logo as the main design featuring the arrows. We included a secondary logo design that is text-based for use when the arrow graphic isn't suitable for the design space. Also included in the brand is a sub mark logo which is a stamp-style logo mark that can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the primary / secondary logo design. This is a great option to use for watermarking images for social media, and using it to reinforce the brand. We were able to use this sub mark design on some of the stickers that we created so that when Miranda sends out client mail, she can add a professional touch by using the stickers!

Miranda Webb Coaching Business Coach Logo and Brand Design - Arrow, Gold, Grey Color Scheme Modern Logo Design
Miranda Webb Business Cards, Flyer Design, Sticker Design using Script Font Design Examples


Miranda's website was created on the Squarespace platform to help her maintain the site with ease going forward. We utilized large banner images, and strategically placed gold accents to help draw attention to the different offerings. Miranda has a lot of content on her site, so we wanted to make sure it was extremely easy to access and navigate. We highlighted the call to action in the navigation up top by creating a button for the "Book a Session" option. The sales page design helps allow the reader to quickly digest the different programs that Miranda offers and determine which one is right for them. I love the way the imagery and aesthetic came out on Miranda's site and brand, so make sure you check it out at!

Miranda Webb Squarespace Website for Business Coaching - Modern, Full Banner Forest Imagery with Gold, Greys and Neutral Color palette

About Miranda, Business Warrior and Mindset Coach Website Design

Audio Course on Squarespace Website for Business Coaches by Dapper Fox


Miranda Webb Testimonial

“Ali Wright is a GENIUS! I consider her a rare talent with a unique combination of wisdom, speed, and warmth. The rebranding process she walked me through to launch my new products and services brought creative clarity and delivered an authentic platform to achieve my business goals in a fraction of the time. She’s fiercely effective at getting what could take 12 months done in 4 weeks. If you want an authentic brand that aligns your vision, purpose, and goals - work with Ali! Her unique blend of creativity and efficiency will help you attract customers quickly and you’ll love the structured workflow she provides to keep your project on track.” 

- Miranda Webb
Strategic Advisor & Business Coach
Kelowna, British Columbia