TURQUOISE & PALM | logo + website design

Alli Elmunzer is a talented photographer in Charleston, South Carolina. Alli has been shooting and compiling photo collections for the last few years and decided it was finally time to share her images with other creative business owners. When she contacted me for help creating a membership photography website and logo, I was so excited to help. Because Alli has been running a successful photography business for the last few years (Turquoise & Palm), she wanted her new site, Turquoise and Palm Stock Photography, to integrate with the already established brand. 

Turquoise and Palm Logo Design by Dapper Fox - Feminine, Chic, Modern Branding and Logo Design


With Turquoise & Palm, Alli wanted to keep the turquoise color from her original photography company, but also wanted to make the palette bright, fun and of course, colorful! In the mood board, I utilized clean lines and modern imagery. The brand needed to feel approachable, but also professional. Since the target audience for Alli's brand is female, we included soft pinks and yellow to keep things bright and feminine. It was important that the overall palette wouldn't be too female dominant, so we rounded the palette out with the turquoise and navy.

Photo Credits: Blue Stairs | Triangles | Drink | Ecolobor | Wallpaper | Clock | Dishes



Turquoise and Palm Logo Design by Dapper Fox - Feminine, Modern Branding and Logo Design


The Turquoise and Palm website was created on Wordpress, utilizing the Genesis framework. This website was unique because it is a membership-based site. Once a user logs into their account on the site, they are able to view galleries in both a 'recent feed' view, as well as categorized galleries. We also added a 'search' function and tagged all of the images. That way, users of the site are able to quickly and effectively find the photos they need without spending time wading through 1000s of photos. The home page has photo block squares that Alli changes out monthly to reflect the changing seasons and feature new photos.

We utilized a lot of special features, like custom-coded download buttons on the images and galleries, a full-width Instagram feed at the bottom of the page and more! Focusing on making the site as easy and intuitive to use as possible was my primary goal, but we also made sure it was beautiful and visually appealing as well.  

Photography Website Design by Dapper Fox
Photography Website Design by Dapper Fox

Photography Website Design by Dapper Fox



My main goal was to create a stock photography gallery that blends with my current brand, Turquoise & Palm. We absolutely accomplished those goals and more! I wanted my audience to feel that the brand was relatable yet professional without being stuffy. I really wanted it to be bright and fun and capture the attention of my target audience.

What surprised me the most was how complicated building a stock photography library website was and how much went into it. I was so thankful that Ali was my designer because she had the expertise to build the site exactly how I wanted it while making sure it functioned flawlessly. My favorite part of the process was of course the end result! It was so amazing to see my vision come to life and for it to be exactly what I wanted!

The overall process was just amazing. Ali is so professional and took the time to completely understand what my goals were and to make sure they were accomplished. She also is very responsive and timely and that I appreciate so much! She also addressed my concerns without making me feel like an idiot for asking and always made sure I was happy with the results. I will absolutely work with Ali again in the future and already have recommended her to everyone I know!  

-Alli Elmunzer