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Tupelo is a brand new restaurant opening in Park City by Matt Harris and Maggie Alvarez in Fall/Winter of 2015. I'm so excited to have a new restaurant in town, and more excited to have had the opportunity to be a part of cultivating their brand. Tupelo is a restaurant that is focused on quality, heirloom vegetables, with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. The name comes from the Tupelo tree, which produces some of the best honey in the world. The interior of the restaurant is an upscale, rustic setting with a warm and inviting atmosphere. We needed the brand to reflect the rustic, warm elements of Tupelo. Here we go!

Tupelo Park City - Restaurant Branding and Logo Design by Dapper Fox


We started off the project right with a solid mood board and color palette. Gold and yellow seemed a necessary choice with Tupelo, so I wanted to create a palette that would support the yellow hues without looking too feminine or modern. With the lighter aqua-sage hue as well as the deep purple, the palette is rounded out and feels earthy and warm. The images in the mood board display the more rustic side of the branding, yet still upscale and classy.

Restaurant Mood Board for Tupelo Park City by Dapper Fox Design - Yellow, Green, Purple, Gold, Honey Moody Food, Rustic

Photo Credits: Interior | Beets | Paint | Wood | Honey | Barn | Bee | Pottery | Eggs | SeedsSalt



Tupelo wanted to keep true to a rustic-inspired, natural aesthetic. With a very distinct visual concept in mind, Maggie came to me to bring her idea to life. Depending on the look my client is going for, I sometimes have the opportunity to create my own font faces for the logos. I had a blast creating 2 of these fonts by hand. After presenting the three logo concepts to Maggie, we ultimately went with her favorite design, option 3.

Modern and Rustic Restaurant Logo Designs for Tupelo Park City Design by Dapper Fox Design

The bee in the Tupelo logo was created by hand with scale-ability in mind. For that reason, the entire logo is in a vector format, which means it can be scaled infinitely large. While still maintaining a hand-drawn appearance, this bee is actually thousands of tiny digital brushstrokes. This also means that the color of the bee can also be changed with one click. How cool is that?

Restaurant Style Guide for Tupelo Park City by Dapper Fox Design - Yellow, Green, Purple, Gold, Honey Moody Food, Rustic


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