4 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Facebook

Many businesses have yet to figure out a solid Facebook strategy, and for good reason. It’s one of the most popular platforms, but can be tricky to figure out the best strategies for your business. I've read that many small businesses simply ignore the platform, which puts you at a HUGE disadvantage from your competition. If you're guilty of this, listen up! Using Facebook for business doesn’t have to be so difficult. By using these four tips below, you can multiply the likes and engagement on your page.

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Follow the 80/20 Rule

We live in an age where people can sense when they’re being marketed to and are usually pretty annoyed by it. Obviously, you’re going to end up using your Facebook page to market your product/service, but try to do so using the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should be personal and/or unrelated to your business, while 20% should be actively marketing your business.

Don’t Be Afraid of Advertising

Although this tip takes a bit of cash to implement, it is well worth it. Facebook’s advertising opportunities are extremely beneficial to spread the word about a great product or service. The nice thing about how their advertising platform works is that you’re able to really target your ideal demographic. You get to choose precisely who will see your post based on age, gender, interests and more! Gone are the days of blindly throwing dollars into advertising and not being able to analyze the results. 

A common misconception about advertising is that is costs loads of money. While this can be true, (you can certainly dump thousands in if you WANT to), but you don’t have to spend much money at all to reach your target audience. Even putting in $10 can drastically increase the amount of likes you have on your page and in turn, increase engagement. When advertising, make sure to choose bright, high-res images and write engaging, call-to-action copy that will get people clicking.

Offer Discounts and Downloads Exclusive to the Platform

Social media is almost too big these days. Because of this, people need a really good reason to follow you. Think of offering these discounts and downloads as a dangling a carrot in front of people. Once you get them to 'bite', you can show them everything you have to offer. Everyone loves an incentive to do something—this obviously benefits your clients, but think of how much business will increase when you’re creating these discounts and downloads!

Post Links Your Clients Will Be Interested In

Even if you’re not someone who has enough time in the day to create resources for your followers, you can point them in the direction of cool resources for them! By doing this, you are actually making your page a valuable resource and, as mentioned previously, incentivizing people to follow along with you on Facebook. Plus, you're also able to learn more about your client and establish yourself as an expert! Win-win.

Facebook is definitely one of the trickier social media platforms but that doesn't mean it's impossible to use! Making little changes to your social media marketing strategy, like these four tips, can really make a difference in how effectively you're able to reach your audience.

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