JUPITER MOUNTAIN MASSAGE | branding + website design

I'm always excited whenever I get the chance to work with local businesses in Park City, and Jupiter Mountain Massage was no exception. These guys are incredible at what they do, and have been around for a few years now paving the way with MFR (alignment work) and Swedish massage techniques. Melanie is the owner of Jupiter Mountain, and wanted to update her web presence and visual esthetic with an entirely new brand refresh. So we got to work, building the new branding visuals from the ground up. This brand was a blast to design, and I am stoked on how modern and clean everything came out.



We got the project started off right by pulling together the right colors, images and mood for the brand refresh. Because the target market for Jupiter Mountain Massage is both male and female, we wanted to keep the colors gender-neutral. We chose this palette because of the calming blues, greens and the nature-inspired neutrals. Melanie's primary goal was to make the new brand feel fresh and modern, but still remain inviting and reflective of the local mountain vibe.


Photo Credits: Marble | Plants | Release | Bath | Pendant | Pine | Candles | Mountain



With the logo design, we wanted to keep it crisp and clear, but also include a mountain, natural vibe. We used slightly roughened even-weighted line work on the logo and text to achieve this balance. This logo incorporates a lot of hidden meaning that helps make it unique and memorable. The overall imagery here is reflective of the obvious mountain setting, (Jupiter Mountain is a popular mountain in Park City, with a lot of rich history) but also alludes to an abstract human form + spine. Because JMM focuses especially on alignment work, I wanted to make sure we included this subtle nod to their specialty. 





For the Jupiter Mountain Massage website, we used Squarespace to create a user-friendly, clean layout. The local design touches and professional photos really helped make this site pop. Since booking a massage is the primary goal of the site, we made sure to include call to actions at the end of every page so it would be easy for users to see. We kept the site esthetic feeling light, clean and inviting to match the feeling of the massage studio. Take a peek below and see how it turned out! 




"I hoped that by rebranding the business we could target a new crowd of locals. Our former logo wasn't cutting it anymore, and the need for an 'overhaul' was apparent. Our goal with the new brand and website was to have people feel the warmth and professionalism that our office offers. The massage industry draws all types, so we needed a logo that would appeal to a broad audience and let everyone to know that we mean business. :)

The only surprise was how easy and fast everything was! I had been putting this project off for a long time because I didn't feel that I had time to commit. This was just a few simple emails and Ali at Dapper Fox did everything else! My favorite part was when I first saw the outline of the website. It didn't have permanent pictures at that point, but I was so excited to be able to see how it all was going to look and it was so cool! The whole experience was so easy and Ali has such amazing talent! I couldn't be happier that I chose Ali and Dapper Fox and would recommend her to anyone!"

- Melanie Smith, Owner of Jupiter Mountain Massage, Park City