BILL WHITE RESTAURANT GROUP | branding + website design

Bill White Restaurant Group is located in Park City, Utah, and is known for offering some of the most unique places to dine in town. Bill White owns 9 restaurants under one parent company. The restaurant portfolio includes everything from a motor-city inspired Mexican restaurant, to fine Italian dining on Main Street, and even a bakery here in town. I had the opportunity of designing the logos for this brand, as well as the website design. 



Since each of the restaurants under the parent company are so diversified, we had to make sure there was a single logo that unified them. We chose to go with a modern, simple approach logo so that it wouldn't clash with the corresponding brands. Using a muted color scheme with plenty of neutrals, we brought in the classic purple color that BWRG has been known for the last ten to fifteen years. With a little bit of refreshing of the colors, and a new, clean logo design, this brand was ready to go!



The Bill White Restaurant Group was designed on the Squarespace platform, and utilizes a grid format to display the 9 locations. I love the way this site stays modern and clean, while bringing in an artistic touch with photos and banner graphics at the head of each page. Being a highly-diversified restaurant group, this website needed a lot of different pages. Since you typically never want to go above 6-7 items in your main navigation, we created a drop down in the menu to accommodate all of the extra pages, like gift cards and employee logins.