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Eve Beauty is the lash and brow studio started by Eva Bui. Eva is a master at creating beautiful lash and brows, as well as other spa services. While Eva has been offering these services for a few years now, she has recently purchased a new building and has been remodeling the space to create the perfect studio space for her lash, brow and spa services. She came to me wanting a logo and website that would reflect the ideas for her brand, but also needed a new name. We brainstormed name ideas and ended up with Eve Beauty. I love this name because it is a play off her name (Eva), but also because the services she offers are geared toward women, so it was a perfect choice!

EVE BEAUTY | branding + website design — by Dapper Fox Design - Branding + Website Design. Script font logo, hand drawn logo design, feminine logo #logodesign


Eva wanted a brand that would be truly glamorous and feminine, while staying true to the high-end nature of her services. She loves pinks and gold, so I wanted to merge the two and create a well-balanced palette. By adding in the darker black and grey, we created a palette that is ultra feminine, but glamorous, chic and high end as well. I love the way the black brings a deep saturation to the lighter shades of pink, and really gives the entire palette an 'edge'.

EVE BEAUTY | branding + website design — Dapper Fox Design - Branding + Website Design - #femininemoodboard mood board gold pink blush feminine luxury #moodboard

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Eva loves handwriting and feminine scripts, so we wanted to make sure we stayed high-end while still using a hand-written font. Having only three letters in the name allowed us to be a little more creative with the script without fear of it being too difficult to read. Since we also wanted to infuse a bit of girly style without getting too frilly, I created this custom script for Eva's logo that has a touch of curly script on both ends of the letters. I love the way the sans-serif font is modern and brings balance to the free-flowing nature of the script as well. With the logo design for Eve Beauty, we also created a complementary floral sub mark that works well throughout her branding and website to bring everything together. 

EVE BEAUTY | brand board and logo design — by Dapper Fox Design - Branding + Website Design. Script font logo, hand drawn logo design, feminine logo, modern, pink gold grey custom script design calligraphy font




Since Eva wanted a website that was easy to manage and maintain after we finished the design, we went with the Squarespace platform. Since her new studio space is still in the process of being remodeled, new things are being added to the site every day. You can check out the current site at EveBeautyMA.com

Eve Beauty Squarespace Website Design by Dapper Fox Design. Feminine, pink, gold beauty website


"I cannot say enough good things about Ali. She made the experience of starting a new business and creating a website a wonderful one. She worked with me at every step of the process when it came to building my branding and website. For me, she is not only a web designer but also a business consultant and advisor that provided valuable feedback and knowledge on the advertising and marketing industry.

Ali is organized and professional. She is also very creative, resourceful, and an expert on business marketing. What I enjoyed the most was the process of creating my business name and choosing the color scheme. She came up with several names for my business and provided me with explanations and meaning behind each one. I ended up choosing the one that I thought was perfect.

One of the best attribute about Ali is her patience. Nowadays, it is hard to find people like her. I admit working with me is not always easy. I remember how often I would change my mind. Despite this, Ali tried her best to understand all the ideas and concepts I had for my business. She was very patient in explaining why a certain color or format may be better than another. Sometimes I felt that I was a pain in the butt, but she never once made me feel that way when I decided on several changes.

As a business owner, I work with many clients every day and have met a lot of women. Ali is one of the most remarkable women I’ve met and worked with. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done Ali. I wish you much success and happiness in the years to come. I am confident you will do well and be successful :)

Love, Eva