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StudioAndolina is an online artist's studio run by Gary Andolina, specializing in high quality handmade modern minimal household accessories and exclusive fine art. Gary is an amazingly talented artist that produces each piece by hand in his workshop located in Seattle, Washington. Working with a fellow artist was so much fun, and being able to bounce creative ideas back and forth allowed us to create a product that is unique and fits Gary's personality perfectly. I really love the modern, masculine and minimal style that we came up with for Gary's brand, including the logo, brand collateral, and the Squarespace website. Check out the project here:

StudioAndolina in Seattle, Washington Fine Art + Home Decor Logo Design by Dapper Fox Design #minimal #modernlogo #masculinelogo #artlogo #logodesign


This is one of my favorite mood boards to date! I'm super excited about it because of the simplicity and cleanliness it represents. I took note of Gary's love of straight lines and geometric shapes from his questionnaire and Pinterest homework. I utilized a few pictures on this mood board to demonstrate my idea for one of the concepts for the logo design using the linear shapes as inspiration for a linework design. The bottom left photo and the white/black painted texture represent my intention for creating high-contrast throughout the visual branding. I also included both of the painted textures because I wanted to bring a slightly raw element through.

One thing I loved about Gary's work is that it truly looks hand-crafted, so I want to make sure we emphasized this, as I think it is one of the best selling features for his product. I also included the textured slate image in the bottom right to serve as inspiration for Gary's custom texture, which I ended up creating a custom slate-inspired stony texture in Photoshop (see below on brand board!). The raw/rough nature of the texture pairs nicely with the geometric linework custom pattern we created as well. In the top right hand corner, the Yolk image is there for its idea of simplicity as well as the sans serif font- both features I wanted to include in his logo. 

Mood Board for StudioAndolina by Dapper Fox - Modern Masculine Design, #minimal #minimalist #neutral #branding #mood board #modernlogo

Photo Credits: squares | kitchen | black paint | white paint | slate | stairs | yolk | house



Logo Design options for StudioAndolina by Dapper Fox - Modern Logo Design, #masculine #neutral #branding #logo #logodesign #modernlogo


Gary chose logo #3 to represent his brand the best. The angular 'A' design within the graphic mimics his fine art sculptures, many of which are triangular in shape. We included 1 custom texture and 1 custom pattern in the visual branding for StudioAndolina. The geometric pattern helps create a sharp, modern and angular feel, while the raw slate texture brings an artisan, hand-crafted mood to his brand. I love the way everything came out with the sub mark, final logo and the various brand elements.

Logo Design options for StudioAndolina by Dapper Fox - Modern Logo Design, #masculine #neutral #branding #logo #logodesign #modernlogo



StudioAndolina Home Design by Dapper Fox - Modern Logo Design, #masculine #neutral #branding #logo #logodesign #modernlogo #handmade #homedesign #homefixtures
Check out StudioAndolina's New Logo and Brand


Business Card Design for StudioAndolina by Dapper Fox #modern #design #geometric #masculine #artistdesign #minimalist


When Gary originally came to me wanting a website overhaul, he had already started working on the Squarespace platform. Since I love the Squarespace platform and how easy it makes maintaining a website for business owners, we decided to keep the platform and simply do a website re-do. Gary loves the minimalist, clean approach where 'less is more', so we made sure to infuse that into every aspect of his website. I love the way the white space and big blocks of neutral colors make this site look so unique. Check out the gallery of website screenshots below, and don't forget to take a look at his live website here!



Gary Andolina Website Design

"I was very fortunate to find Ali Wright and have her design and build my current website, and branding campaign. From the beginning she was very professional and easy to work with as the process evolved and developed into a cool new site for my work. 

I was needing to formulate basically a new brand including a logo, business card, website and social media blitz and Ali came through with everything and more. I am a Sculptor / Artist not a graphic designer, I needed to have a cohesion between the whole visual package including color scheme, logo matching on site and cards, and a total professional feel for my new brand, my name and products. This allows people to recognize you and your brand without any doubt. Ali pulled it all together and allowed my work, products and personality to shine through and be coordinated and showcased. 

As the ideas developed a constant feedback and dialogue developed between her and myself which was open and easy to navigate and find the perfect combination of visual elements to fulfill my requirements. It was really a pleasure to work closely with Ali and exciting to see what ideas would come from our discussions and critiques of the process and the development of the total package each day."

- Gary Andolina