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Dani Pettrey is an award winning author who specializes in religious fiction novels. Living in Maryland, many of her books take place around the coastal area. When Dani and I were formulating the feeling and mood of her new brand, we wanted to make sure it had a very 'beachy', Northeast coastal feeling to it. Since most of her readers are female, we also wanted the brand to feel slightly feminine, but without being too pink or over the top. Dani has an active social media following, and many of her readers follow her weekly blog posts. With such an engaged following, we wanted to make sure Dani's website and brand refresh created a platform that was beautiful, but also very functional. This is one of my favorite website design projects this year, and I just loved working with Dani to create this new brand identity that will last for years to come.

Dani Pettrey Final Logo Design for Brand Design - Feminine Logo Designs #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design #Modern Script Font Logo #arrows


With the mood board, I wanted to convey the sense of mystery and suspense that is so prevalent in Dani's novels, so I brought in some moodier colors and imagery to the initial mood board and color palette. Dani wanted to make sure that we included arrows in one of the logo designs because of the symbology behind them and what they mean to her. As part of Dani's brand homework, she included that she loves script, hand-drawn calligraphy style fonts, so I made sure to include that as well in her mood board to display my intentions for one of her logo options. I love the overall vibe and feeling of this color palette and mood board because it is inviting and approachable, but feels connected to nature and unique to Dani's personal style. 

Dani Pettrey Mood Board for Brand Design   - Feminine Logo Designs #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design #Modern Script Font Logo #arrows

Photo Credits: cups | feathers | boatdriftwood | beach | arrows | paint



When Dani first approached me about re-doing her branding and website, she didn't have a logo design. Since she wanted to increase her online presence and create a memorable brand, Dani knew she needed a logo moving forward. With Dani's brand centered around religious mystery novels that take place on the Northeastern coast, I included different symbology in each logo design option. With option #1, the lighthouse represents the divine guidance that is prevalent in her novels, and also brings in an obvious ocean element. Option #2 offers a different style that utilized the font Dani loved, as well as the arrow symbol. Logo #3 gave Dani a variety with this option with a more text-based design that still incorporated a sailors knot imagery. Dani ended up choosing logo design #3 to move forward with. 

Author Dani Pettrey Brand Logo Design and   Branding - Feminine Logo Designs #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design #Modern Script Font Logo #arrows


Author Dani Pettrey Brand Logo Design and   Branding #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design #Modern Script Font Logo #arrows



Award Winning Author Dani Pettrey Blog Post Template and   Branding Design #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design
Author Dani Pettrey Blog Post Template and   Branding Design #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design
Dani Pettrey Blog Post Template and   Branding Design #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design


Dani Pettrey Business Card and Branding Design #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design


Twitter and Facebook Social Media Banner Design Graphics for Dani Pettrey by Dapper Fox
Dani Pettrey Branding Design Monday Cuppa
Dani Pettrey Branding Design Writerly Wednesday
Dani Pettrey Branding Design Latest News


Dani Pettrey Letterhead and Branding Design #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design


We created Dani's website on the Squarespace platform and utilized CSS customizations to create a completely custom site built from the ground up. Even though her old site was on the Wordpress platform, we made sure to provide training on the Squarespace site to ensure she was comfortable updating blog posts and making minor updates as needed. 

This is one of my favorite designs of 2016, and I love the way we utilized full-width banner graphics and customized buttons. The raw paper edge on the top images was a perfect touch for this author's website. I love the way we organized the multiple books in Dani's different collections, and the way each book now has its own featured page full of extras for her readers. These screenshots below don't do this website justice, so make sure you check out the live site at DaniPettrey.com!

Dani Pettrey Wordpress Website and Branding Design #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design #Modern

Dani Pettrey Book Author Wordpress Website and   Branding Design #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design #Modern

Dani Pettrey Award Winning Book Author Wordpress Website and  Branding Design #Coastal #Beach #Ocean #Design #Modern


Dani Pettrey Branding and Logo Design Project

"When I started out with Ali, I knew I wanted a fresh, new look for my website along with a branding package. Having never worked on branding and logos, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Ali walked me through it all beautifully. Her process of working meshed perfectly with mine. She ‘got’ the feel of what I wanted my home on the web to not only look like, but feel like. I wanted someplace readers wanted to stay and not only find it informative, but comfortable, a site that reflected not only my books, but me as a person. I’m a beach girl at heart and most of my books are set near the water, so I knew that was an element I wanted prominent, but being a romantic suspense writer, I also wanted to convey an element of mystery. Ali did a fantastic job combining the two. 

My website came out spectacular. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback, exuberant, positive feedback. The site feels like home to me. I love spending time on it and my readers do as well. My logo is a perfect match for what I wanted, but couldn’t visualize until Ali helped me through the process. She was there every step of the way. She made me feel like mine was the only project in the world. I so appreciate her professionalism, availability, amazing response time, fantastic design skills, but most importantly, her heart for her clients and her work. I can’t recommend Ali enough."