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Shannon Bahrke is a two-time Olympic medalist, and an avid entrepreneur in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. She is constantly finding new outlets to spread her creative energy. When she approached me about a new concept for a corporate team building company, Team Empower Hour, I was stoked to be a part of the startup process. Shannon wanted to create a company that could align her Olympic values and help companies with team building and movement exercises. Now that we're finished with her logo, branding and website design, I'm so excited to watch Shannon grow her new company!

Team Empower Hour in Utah Logo Design by Dapper Fox | Modern, fun logo design for corporate team building


Our first step toward creating a memorable and on-point brand for Team Empower Hour was the mood board and color palette. Shannon's background as a silver medalist Olympian was something she wanted to incorporate in her Team Empower Hour brand. So we made sure to include the classic red, white and blue color scheme, but tweaked the colors ever so slightly to make it her own. We kept things very simple, with concepts of unity, bursts of energy and clean lines. 

Team Empower Hour in Utah Mood Board and Brand Design by Dapper Fox | Modern, fun logo design for corporate team building #redwhiteandblue #modernlogo

Photo Credits: hands | spikes | shoes | spark | rocket



With the Team Empower Hour logo, Shannon wanted it to be bright, full of excitement and have a "pow" factor. She loves having the star concept, as a former Olympian, so we wanted to make sure we incorporated that into her primary logo design. Since the stars and star burst in the center of the logo is busier, we kept the font to a more simple, sans serif option to avoid the two elements competing. For the rest of Shannon's branding, she needed feather flags with Olympic values for outdoor events, as well as a giant flag that she could display. I love the way these flags turned out in the photos!

Team Empower Hour Brand Board and Logo Design by Dapper Fox | Modern Logo Design and Branding


Shannon's primary goal of her new website was to inform her audience, with the option of adding a blog later down the road. We decided that the Squarespace website platform was going to be the best fit for what she needed, so we dived in to create a site that was clear, clean and fun. Shannon had professional photos taken, so we were able to add fun splashes of color and excitement around the website using these beautiful pictures. I always like to remind small businesses and startups that photos are the #1 thing to help make your website look more professional (check out this blog post for more). Shannon loved the way this site turned out, and I'm so excited to watch her new business grow!

Squarespace Website Designer Utah - Modern web design for Team Empower Hour in Salt Lake




Shannon Bahrke Website

“There are few things in life that consistently exceed my expectation time and time again, but the quality and consistency of work Ali does each and every time!!  There is something special about Ali and her ability to turn a few words and ideas into something that is truly a work of art.

Not only is she extraordinarily talented but most importantly, she has helped me to reach my customers in a way that is professional and fun. Thank you for all that you have done for my company and will continue to do in the future, you truly are the BEST!!!”