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Source Wellness is an acupuncture, dry needling and AAT center in Orangeburg, New York. Jodie Tasselo is the owner and master acupuncturist behind the brand. The approach with this brand is totally new, bringing together a modern twist on an age-old practice. As explained on the website, Source Wellness in New York takes a modern approach to an ancient medicine, providing patients with the most effective means of reaching their health potential. I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with a brand that is bringing health and wellness to the community. Make sure to check out the complete logo / brand and website design below!

Source Wellness New York Branding Logo and Website Design by Dapper Fox  |  Calm, Serene, Acupuncture, Spa, Bronze, Nature, Teal, Aqua, Blue, Turquoise, Modern, DNA, Branding


To start off the project, we began with the mood board design. This important part of the branding process allowed us to nail down an aesthetic and color palette before we moved on to the logo design. Jodie wanted a neutral palette that featured hues that bring about a Native American vibe, while still remaining modern. We landed on a set of beautiful browns, tan, and a muted turquoise hue to complete the look. We also wanted to make sure that the logo wasn't too mystical or "woo-woo", but rather that it was smart, scientific and modern to elicit trust while still having that pop of personality and alluding to a native vibe.

Source Wellness Orangeburg NY Branding and Website Design by Dapper Fox - Native American, Bronze, Turquoise, Modern, DNA Brand

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When Jodie first contacted me, she was transitioning from a former acupuncture business and wanted to create something that was completely new and unique. Source Wellness marries the concept of a modern approach with the ancient healing art of acupuncture. Jodie wanted to make sure we incorporated something that felt inspired by science and DNA/biology, but also wanted it to have a subtle Native American vibe as well. We landed on this design, which includes a shield with native elements and arrows, but also features a strand of DNA in the center. It ended up being the perfect balance to bring these two opposites together!

Source Wellness Acupunture NY Brand, Logo and Website Design by Dapper Fox  |  Aqua, Calm, Serene, Acupuncture, Spa, Modern, Nature, Ocean, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Bronze Branding


Source Wellness Business Card Design - Brochure Design - Social Media Graphics - Marketing Materials for Brand


Source Wellness's website was created on the Squarespace platform. This was a great choice for Jodie because she needed something that is simple and easy to maintain. I love Squarespace because it is super easy for business owners who don't have the time to learn a new platform to still be able to go in and update the site, or add blog posts. Take a peek below, and don't forget to check out Source Wellness in Orangeburg, New York online. 

Home Page Design - Source Wellness Acupuncture New York Squarespace Website Design and Branding by Dapper Fox Design

Source Wellness Orangeburg New York Squarespace Website Design and Branding by Dapper Fox Design

Acupuncture New York Source Wellness Squarespace Website Design and Branding by Dapper Fox Design