Thank you to everyone who entered the scholarship! We're reopening the scholarship for 2017, and are are pleased to announce Lenworth Thomas as the winner for 2016. Read his winning submission below:

My name is Lenworth Thomas and I am a prospective mechanical engineering and entrepreneurship student. Since I was 7, I’ve always wanted to start a company selling cutting-edge technology. This theoretical company later named “Lenthusian” was originally supposed to be a solution to the high price of luxury vehicles, but now that I see that there are bigger problems at hand, I have changed what kind of company I want to be running. I believe that most of the world's biggest problems can be fixed by innovation and engineering, such as overpopulation, famine, and even global warming. So I would want my future business to produce innovations to solve some of these issues. I am extremely inspired by Elon Musk and his ambition and impact on the technology industry and his visions of furthering society with engineering. And I plan to use his business model while creating this company.
I plan to use my business to help create social change by motivating young black people that they can be successful in STEM. There aren’t really a lot of black people in STEM and I believe having someone to look up to with a similar background as a young prospective engineer would be very inspirational. Additionally, I don’t want my business to be like those huge corporations such as Exxon Mobile or even Apple that are so big that only very few people know what’s going on in the background (sometimes really bad things in Exxon Mobile’s case). I want my business to be trustworthy and transparent because I believe a company that people invest their hard earned money in deserve to know what happens behind the scenes since the customers are essentially the backbone of any company. Lastly, my business will help to create social change by promoting innovation in any situation by using some of the profits for a research grant for students and people in developing countries. There is such a huge amount of people with great ideas and ambition, but without the capital necessary to make it happen, especially students with little confidence and people with a poor economic status. Additionally, people who are more exposed to a problem such as water pollution or famine may have more of a motivation to solve it.The world has so many Steve Jobs and Elon Musks, but we don’t know because their impacts aren’t seen by the majority. I believe the grant my business will provide will give these people a voice and help them to make their dreams a reality.

The first measure I would take is to localize all of the factories creating my product(s) in the US without outsourcing any jobs. Not only does this create a lot of American jobs, but outsourcing jobs usually produces lots of pollution due to less enforced environmental laws and worse working conditions. Also, the amount of pollution from cargo ships is actually quite huge and I wouldn’t want my company to contribute to that. Next, as I previously mentioned, I would like my company to sell cutting-edge technology and I believe one of the things I would sell would be something to reduce the effects of some environmental issue such as global warming, water pollution, or air pollution. Similar to what Tesla is doing with the Gigafactory that produces cheap batteries for cars and small towns to reduce the combustion of fossil fuels for energy. The entire factory has a net energy usage of 0 and runs on only renewable resources. Lastly, I would make sure all of my buildings are LEED platinum certified, which is a standard set to measure how environmentally sustainable a building is, platinum being the highest level of sustainability. 

To conclude, I am driven by innovation and I would want my future business to reflect that. Our biggest problems in the world can be solved or minimized by innovation and sustainable design and I will aim for my business to do exactly that. Additionally, I would like my future business to promote innovation within communities that usually don’t produce technological advancements because of a lack of capital. Even if my business isn’t successful or even doesn’t even become a real business I am confident that sometime in the near future due to the increasing impact of anthropogenic pollution, there will be a boom in innovation led by the people that didn’t used to have a voice, but now are heard.


A scholarship for all students interested in entrepreneurship or business.

Dapper Fox Design offers an annual scholarship to students around the United States who are interested in entrepreneurship or business. By creating this scholarship, I hope to help students who are looking for extra funding to pay tuition. I want to help foster young entrepreneurs and students who have any level of interest in starting a business or are simply interested in any form of entrepreneurship.

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Provider: Dapper Fox Design

About: The Dapper Fox Design Entrepreneur Scholarship was started with the mission to help students succeed in school by alleviating a portion of tuition expenses. As a result, Dapper Fox Design seeks to encourage students who have a particular interest in entrepreneurship. Dapper Fox Design has endowed a $200 annual scholarship.

When: Offered annually - once per year

Who Can Apply: All students may apply for the Dapper Fox Design Scholarship. You do not need to be part of any particular entrepreneurship program, or degree/classes. Simply have some level of interest in business, design, or entrepreneurship. 

Deadline: 12/31/2017
Scholarship winner will be announced January 15, 2018 and funds will be awarded January 20, 2018.

Amount: $200

How to Apply: Applying for the Dapper Fox Design scholarship is easy. I understand that as a student and scholarship seeker, you have a lot on your plate! So I'm making application to this scholarship as easy as possible by requiring a short, 500-1,000 word casual essay. To apply, students must submit their answer to the following questions:

  • What sort of business would you like to own or create in the future? How did you come up with the idea for your business?
  • How do you plan to use your business to help create positive social or environmental change?
  • What measures will you take to ensure your future business helps the environment and Earth, rather than harming it?

How to Win the Scholarship: One exceptional essay on the topic will be chosen and published on the Dapper Fox Design website. Please submit your essay via the contact form below. Please contact ali@dapperfoxdesign.com if you have any questions.

I encourage any student to apply for this annual scholarship opportunity. Scholarship funds will be awarded to the yearly scholarship winner and can be used for any school-related expenses- left to the winning student’s discretion. You do not need to be an entrepreneur student or trade student to apply – all students are eligible.


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