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Coach + Teacher, |  California

"Here's my bottom line:  Working with Ali has been nothing short of a delight, a relief, and a revelation.  Really.

After checking out some seriously talented designers, I knew Ali was the one.  In showing me her first ideas for the mood board, this knowing was validated in a "knocked-it-out-of-the-park" way.  That continued every step of the way from her design work, professionalism, and her very essence.  It is quite something for someone to "get" you and your work and articulate that through their design and craft- it's the very act of being seen for who you are. I feel Ali parlayed the breadth and body of my work in stunning ways that I would never have conceived on my own. I will always be grateful for the care she put into my website, the interpretation and integration of my ideas, thoughts, and the spaces where I had no idea what I wanted, I just knew what I liked.  

The immediate, and continued feedback, I hear about my site is that my designer "nailed it".  There are lots of "oohhs and ahhhs" and I am happy to report, a huge uptick in sales and inquiries.  I am happy to whole-heartedly recommend Ali for your project.  There was not one moment in this project that I did not feel she was attuned to and concerned about my needs as a client and the site as a whole. It has been a privilege to work with her and I cannot recommend it enough.  

And here's' probably the greatest testament to her artistry- the logo she created for me?  It will be my first tattoo."



Entrepreneur + Eco-Expert, Ellume  |  California

"As a new entrepreneur with prior years of PR and branding background, I knew I was pretty picky and had a very specific sense of aesthetics and content vision in mind and had searched high and low for the one designer.  Ali Wright was definitely the one!  Not only did she just “get” what I was looking for, she was also extremely professional, knowledgeable, and innovative, giving me creative ideas and solutions I couldn’t see myself when faced with some of the challenges of designing and creating a new brand look and website.

Ali was the 3rd designer I hired, but was finally the one who helped me take my brand from what it was – from “just okay” to “WOW”, as some of my colleagues and clients tell me.  What I didn’t realize was that once Ali helped me solve some of the design and branding challenges, other things such as analytics, organization, archival, etc. fell into place as well, setting me up for an easier platform for successful business habits. 

As business has grown, and as busy I’ve become since starting work with Dapper Fox, I feel so fortunate to have found Ali, whom I can call “My Designer”."

Happy WifeStyle Shannon Taatjes


Owner + Blogger, Happy WifeStyle  |  San Francisco, California

“This was my very first experience with branding and logo design so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Since I first started Happy WifeStyle, I always had a strong feeling about the brand I wanted to portray, but it lived inside my head.  Ali definitely has a talent of getting that vision onto paper and into a website design. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience and result.

I think what surprised me most about this process is how patient and professional Allison is. She would educate me along the way to help me understand some of the 'rules' and guidelines of branding and fonts. I’m a firm believer in “promise a little and deliver a lot” and Ali went so far above and beyond that…I was so impressed.  She was the most helpful person I’ve had in my business yet.  She is a true giver.

My experience was wonderful and I would highly recommend Ali to anyone looking for logo design, branding, website design and business card design.  She did ALL of this for Happy WifeStyle and I have already gotten many compliments on my new look.  It’s so nice when you come out of a business partnership feeling like you’ve actually gained a friend.”


Owner + Artist of StudioAndolina  |  Seattle, Washington

"I was very fortunate to find Ali Wright and have her design and build my current website, and branding campaign. From the beginning she was very professional and easy to work with as the process evolved and developed into a cool new site for my work. 

I was needing to formulate basically a new brand including a logo, business card, website and social media blitz and Ali came through with everything and more. I am a Sculptor / Artist not a graphic designer, I needed to have a cohesion between the whole visual package including color scheme, logo matching on site and cards, and a total professional feel for my new brand, my name and products. This allows people to recognize you and your brand without any doubt. Ali pulled it all together and allowed my work, products and personality to shine through and be coordinated and showcased. 

As the ideas developed a constant feedback and dialogue developed between her and myself which was open and easy to navigate and find the perfect combination of visual elements to fulfill my requirements. It was really a pleasure to work closely with Ali and exciting to see what ideas would come from our discussions and critiques of the process and the development of the total package each day."


Photographer + Owner,  |  Florida

"With this project my goal was to create a more professional way to display my work, but also keep a flare of my personality in it.  I wanted my audience to be able to experience my work while feeling connected to my brand and the value that I can offer.  From the moment we spoke on the phone, Ali was sympathetic to my needs and my vision while adding her direction and advice from a design perspective.  Her desire and openness to collaborate with me made the process seamless and very productive - even with me living on the opposite side of the country.  I was truly and pleasantly surprised when I saw how easy and effective it was to communicate and transfer information via the design process that Ali has set up.  Ali is a true professional that takes times to understand her clients' vision and collaborates with them to bring their brands to life.  The best part of the process was seeing the final product, and realizing that Ali took every detail and turned it into a beautiful gallery for my work."



Award Winning Author,  |  Maryland

"When I started out with Ali, I knew I wanted a fresh, new look for my website along with a branding package. Having never worked on branding and logos, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Ali walked me through it all beautifully. Her process of working meshed perfectly with mine. She ‘got’ the feel of what I wanted my home on the web to not only look like, but feel like. I wanted someplace readers wanted to stay and not only find it informative, but comfortable, a site that reflected not only my books, but me as a person. I’m a beach girl at heart and most of my books are set near the water, so I knew that was an element I wanted prominent, but being a romantic suspense writer, I also wanted to convey an element of mystery. Ali did a fantastic job combining the two. 

My website came out spectacular. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback, exuberant, positive feedback. The site feels like home to me. I love spending time on it and my readers do as well. My logo is a perfect match for what I wanted, but couldn’t visualize until Ali helped me through the process. She was there every step of the way. She made me feel like mine was the only project in the world. I so appreciate her professionalism, availability, amazing response time, fantastic design skills, but most importantly, her heart for her clients and her work. I can’t recommend Ali enough."


Owner of Jupiter Mountain Massage  |  Park City, Utah

"I hoped that by rebranding the business we could target a new crowd of locals. Our former logo wasn't cutting it anymore, and the need for an 'overhaul' was apparent. Our goal with the new brand and website was to have people feel the warmth and professionalism that our office offers. The massage industry draws all types, so we needed a logo that would appeal to a broad audience and let everyone to know that we mean business. :)

The only surprise was how easy and fast everything was! I had been putting this project off for a long time because I didn't feel that I had time to commit. This was just a few simple emails and Ali at Dapper Fox did everything else! My favorite part was when I first saw the outline of the website. It didn't have permanent pictures at that point, but I was so excited to be able to see how it all was going to look and it was so cool! The whole experience was so easy and Ali has such amazing talent! I couldn't be happier that I chose Ali and Dapper Fox and would recommend her to anyone!"


Attorney, J. Mark Edwards Attorney at Law  |  Salt Lake City, Utah

"From day one, I could tell that Ali had the creativity and innovative insight I needed to get my site to the next level. We set a timeline of events, and she stuck to it and delivered on time, every time. She listened and was able to help me see what my unique appeal was. She was able to translate that into an incredible web design that showcases not only her amazing abilities, but what is best about my brand.

The logo designs and brand imaging she created set me apart from my competitors because of the unique elements she incorporated. I would recommend Dapper Fox to anyone who wants to unleash potential they didn't even know existed."

Theresa Chaney Michigan Web Design


Web Designer, TC Design Studio |  Michigan

"Ali is AMAZING to work with! As a professional website designer working from my home studio in Ypsilanti, Michigan, I specialize in creating beautiful Squarespace websites and visual identities for mompreneurs to help their businesses come to life.

I founded my small design studio at the start of 2017 and wanted some outside help creating a visual identity for my brand. Ali quickly made me feel at ease, took the time to understand my business direction and delivered a beautify brand. I would highly recommend her!"



Owner and Master Esthetician, Everly Grace Beauty  |  Park City, Utah

"Ali's passion for website design shines in her work! It was important for me to find someone with a similar passion in wellness, beauty and nutrition to really convey the meaning behind Everly Grace Whole Beauty. She listened to my vision and helped me create a website that could help people find a holistic approach to living their most connected and beautiful life.  

She took extra care in helping me make the website a part of my personality and passion. Thank you Ali for your authentic and genuine work, it is an inspiration when I meet others that shine with true inner beauty."


Health Coach, Abbie Mayo - Empowered to Thrive  |  San Antonio, Texas

"I wanted to create a healthy, serene, and calm vibe for my health coaching brand and website.  I wanted people to look at my brand and feel a sense of calm amongst all of the overwhelm and confusion around diets, exercise, and health. I wanted my audience to understand that creating a healthy and thriving lifestyle should not be stressful.  It is not about counting calorie after calorie, or depriving yourself, or exercising for hours and hours.  Being healthy is something that you can maintain and it should make you feel alive, satisfied, and full of energy and gratitude.  That is what I want my audience to feel when they see my brand, and Allison did a fantastic job of creating that for me.

The only thing that surprised me about the process was how on target Ali was with taking my vision and creating the perfect brand for me.  She nailed it!! :) My favorite part of the design process was seeing the mood board that Ali created for me, and how that transformed into the perfect brand and website for me.

This entire experience and process was so much easier for me than I ever expected.  Ali was a gem to work with every step of the way.  She has an incredible eye for design, and is also a great business resource.  She answered all of my questions, and gave me some great advice and insight into building an online business.  I got so much more out of this design experience than I paid.  Having Ali design my brand and website was SO completely worth it!!"

Eve Beauty - Website by Dapper Fox Design


Owner, Eve Beauty  |  Peabody, Massachusetts

"I cannot say enough good things about Ali. She made the experience of starting a new business and creating a website a wonderful one. She worked with me at every step of the process when it came to building my branding and website. For me, she is not only a web designer but also a business consultant and advisor that provided valuable feedback and knowledge on the advertising and marketing industry. Ali is organized and professional. She is also very creative, resourceful, and an expert on business marketing. What I enjoyed the most was the process of creating my business name and choosing the color scheme. She came up with several names for my business and provided me with explanations and meaning behind each one. I ended up choosing the one that I thought was perfect.

One of the best attribute about Ali is her patience. Nowadays, it is hard to find people like her. I admit working with me is not always easy. I remember how often I would change my mind. Despite this, Ali tried her best to understand all the ideas and concepts I had for my business. She was very patient in explaining why a certain color or format may be better than another. Sometimes I felt that I was a pain in the butt, but she never once made me feel that way when I decided on several changes.

As a business owner, I work with many clients every day and have met a lot of women. Ali is one of the most remarkable women I’ve met and worked with. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.  I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done Ali. I wish you much success and happiness in the years to come. I am confident you will do well and be successful :)

Love, Eva"

Dapper Fox Design Testimonials for Branding and Website Design


Owner, Team Empower Hour, 3-Time Olympian, 2-Time Olympic Medalist  |  Salt Lake City, Utah

“There are few things in life that consistently exceed my expectation time and time again, but the quality and consistency of work Ali does each and every time!!  There is something special about Ali and her ability to turn a few words and ideas into something that is truly a work of art.

Not only is she extraordinarily talented but most importantly, she has helped me to reach my customers in a way that is professional and fun. Thank you for all that you have done for my company and will continue to do in the future, you truly are the BEST!!!”

Utah School of Phlebotomy Website Design


Founder and Owner, Utah School of Phlebotomy  |  Salt Lake City, Utah

“As a small business in Utah with several competitors in our niche of a market, we wanted to have our website stand out above the rest. When we first talked to Ali we expressed our concerns about issues relating to visual stimulation, content, ease of navigation, and getting our message out in the simplest manner. Ali exceeded our expectations in designing our website in all of these categories. We were highly impressed with the speed, precision, and ease in which she designed and implemented our site, as well as the efficiency in communicating with us via text, email and phone calls.

We have had numerous students since Ali has built our site that have told us they chose our company over our competitors simply because our website looked more professional. We couldn’t be happier with our website thanks to Ali’s expertise, vast knowledge, and creativity.”

Dapper Fox Design Testimonials for Branding and Website Design


Owner + Author, The Memoir Midwifee  |  Park City, Utah

"I originally created my website myself with a tired, old, free Wordpress theme, and I always disliked it. I simply slapped it up because I needed to get something quickly. So my goal in this rebrand was to have someone who knew what they were doing help me create a new website from the ground up and do it correctly from the beginning. I specifically wanted to incorporate my own style into my website without having to retrofit who I am into a one-size-fits-all theme. I wanted my website to be original and look like no other, with some custom elements that will go on to be instantly recognizable as part of my brand the moment they appear on the web. Ali understood that and gave me exactly what I wanted. I absolutely love my new website and I couldn’t be happier.

When my audience visits my website I want them to feel like it would be fun to work with me. I want a whimsical, yet productive, vibe that feels non-threatening and supportive; kind of quirky and arty, but professional at the same time. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work with Ali; I didn’t think it would be difficult, but I didn’t know it would be that easy. She’s flexible to changes, responsive to emails, and made sure we stayed on task and on schedule, which I appreciate. I also love her creativity and willingness to offer new ideas without being asked. She’s very proactive. My favorite part of the design process was feeling like I was part of a creative team. I really feel like the creation of my website was a collaborative process. I know I was being heard when I expressed my ideas, which made the overall process very streamlined. I highly recommend Ali and Dapper Fox Design to anyone who wants a creative, original website and brand. You’ll get exactly what you want without sacrificing professionalism and quality. I would work with Ali and again in a heartbeat!"

Dapper Fox Design Testimonials for Branding and Website Design


Strategic Advisor & Business Coach,   |   Kelowna, British Columbia

“Ali Wright is a GENIUS! I consider her a rare talent with a unique combination of wisdom, speed, and warmth. The rebranding process she walked me through to launch my new products and services brought creative clarity and delivered an authentic platform to achieve my business goals in a fraction of the time. She’s fiercely effective at getting what could take 12 months done in 4 weeks. If you want an authentic brand that aligns your vision, purpose, and goals - work with Ali! Her unique blend of creativity and efficiency will help you attract customers quickly and you’ll love the structured workflow she provides to keep your project on track.” 

Dapper Fox Design Testimonials for Branding and Website Design


Owner + Therapist, Rethink The Couch  |  Hong Kong

“Ali is a complete star. She is not only a fantastically talented designer but also a wonderfully kind person. I found the process of working with her inspiring, and she was helpful the whole time. She always made me feel my questions and comments were warmly welcomed. I couldn't recommend Ali more highly, and should I ever have another site in the future, want a re-branding, or need a recommendation for a friend - I'm going straight to Ali.”